Commercial Restoration

Residential Restoration

Accidental Property Loss

The old saying, “Anything can happen” is a very true statement. No matter how unusual and strange, anything can happen to your home at any time of the day or night. However, depending on your insurance policy it may or may not be covered. Sudden or accidental damage could be an auto colliding into your home, a fallen tree, vandalism, mold, falling asleep while cooking or smoking, kids playing with matches, overfilling a bathtub or any other type of damage that is considered sudden and accidental.

No matter how unusual the accident, Element Pros will work with your insurance company to complete your restoration using the full extent of your coverage. If you do not have coverage, Element Pros will present the best and most efficient way to rectify your problem.

Insurance Claims

For your project you’ll have a dedicated project manager who will be available for you at all times during the process to answer your questions. Your Element Pros construction representative will meet with your insurance company’s adjuster at your property on the day of your scheduled inspection to ensure all property damage is accounted for. We are happy to continue to work with your insurance company and be a resource for you throughout the claims process. We care about your loss and want to keep your stress level to a minimum.

After 12 years in the insurance restoration industry, Element Pros has gained a lot of valuable experience from our customers and our projects. Our job is to learn, listen and consistently deliver on an improved construction experience, and we do it every day!

Element Pros believes in a simple equation “The quality of our communication = the quality of your project.”